It is not uncommon for over 70% of the American people, and doubtless people all over the world, to give up on their New Year Resolutions before the end of the first month. Let me make one thing clear – I have not given up.

I may be failing horribly, as you’ll notice that I haven’t posted a Friday blog entry in two weeks, but I’m still trying. I have counted it up and my reading for this semester includes eleven full novels, eight Shakespeare plays, the entire Canterbury Tales in Middle English, numerous Irish plays and Spanish short stories, and a minimum of four chapters of text-book reading a week. I think I’m committing academic suicide for a Literature major.

But-! I am trying my hardest to get it all read and done and to keep up with papers and quizzes. I’m trying to find holes, little pockets of time, in which to be creative and write blog posts, but those pockets usually get taken up by answering emails and – I’m not gonna lie – keeping up with Facebook.

News? What is news? What is TV? Free time makes me nervous, makes me wonder what I’m not doing that I should be doing. For instance, I could probably be researching an essay topic right now, but I’m not. I’m writing a blog for all my lovely readers that I apparently have but don’t hear a lot from. I still love you all, even if you don’t leave comments.

As for my other resolutions, well the creative bit is hard when there’s very little spare time in which to be creative. The same issue comes up when deciding how to become more fit. It appears that those two resolutions may have to wait until Summer when I’ve graduated and have a semester off. Whew.

The theme still stands for me, though. I will continue to strive to keep my resolutions, even if they are delayed a while and even if I have barely enough time to brush my teeth in the mornings or stop for dinner at night.

So here’s to all of you, also struggling for time or resolve to complete your resolutions, and I swear my next blog post will be more than just a long-winded explanation of why I don’t update on time.

Ciao Tutti!



4 responses to “Resolutions

  1. Resolutions are always hard to keep – you’ve done better than 70% of people! Keep up the good work – summer will be here soon with alot more free time to create!

  2. I share your suspicion of free time. In fact, if I’m not doing at least two things at once, I feel underproductive. Makes singleminded book-writing danged hard, sometimes, unless a high word-count reassures me as to where all that time went. Today’s numbers = so-so. But any progress is better than zero. And even still striving for progress is better than not. Stay resolved, Rebecca!

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