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The Rose Chateau – A Tale of Beauty Meets Beast

Corinna Faune was just a farmer’s daughter, whose only regal connection was her runaway duke best friend, Alastar. But when her uncle returns home from the neighboring village with a horror tale and one glimmering rose, her entire life is interrupted. Now she’s the unwilling guest of a bad-tempered prince, who found himself at the wrong end of a witch’s curse. Her once normal life is now surrounded by magic with not one, not two, but three conniving witches involved, and none of their allegiances are clear. Can Corinna find the solution to the prince’s curse and return to her loved ones before they forget her? Can she break the spell before it becomes the end of an entire kingdom? And surrounded by unfamiliar faces and secrets, who can she trust to help her through it?


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Burning Sunsets – hosted on Scribd

A 200 word one sentence story about those all encompassing teenage loves that you one day realize is all you want but so against what you’re heading for.




Traveler – hosted on Scribd

About a homesick traveler.

Spring Fling – hosted on Scribd

About crushing on someone who has flirted with you but has no interest in you, but they made you feel like trying again.

The Wild Orchestra – hosted on Scribd

An orchestra playing to the sounds of hunters, dancers, and angels.

Imperfection is Me – hosted on Scribd

Sort of about life and society.

Guilt – hosted on Scribd

About the feeling of guilt, how it tears you up inside, and how it’s so fleeting for some.


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