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Mauze Writing sounds like a group or a company, but in truth it’s just me – Rebecca Monaco. Perhaps one day it will also be my sister, but for now it is only me. The name ‘Mauze Writing’ came about because I was originally going to publish under the penname Lana Mauze – a character I created back when I was 11 years old and have steadily kept log of in my mind ever since. However, when the time came to publish, I backed down and simply used my real name. The name ‘Mauze’ was already a part of my email for my future publishing and was linked to several agent newsletters already, so I decided to implement it in other ways. Thus I am Mauze Writing.

Basics: I am 21 years old. I’m from Italian and Swiss decent. I am an American. I have a BA in English – Literature from University of Central Florida with a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies.I have a twin sister named Jessica who is my official first editor. I have an adoptive brother named Josh who gives me much appreciated support. My best friends are Cortney and Kaylee, and I hope to never lose their encouragement. My mother is the best fan I could have hoped for. Even when we disagree, she’s always there for me. I am engaged to my longtime boyfriend Justin.


Color – Purple.

Song – This I Promise You by NSYNC

Food – Pasta! Spaghetti. Alfredo/Cheese Sauce. Marinara/Pomodoro Sauce. Delicious.

Movie – I love a lot of RomComs, some disaster flicks, teen flicks, fantasy. In general, it has to have drama, character depth, and some tint of romance to make it into my top 10.

TV Show – I love BBC’s Merlin, Sherlock, and Doctor Who. I also love Primeval, CharmedElementary, Common Law, and Criminal Minds. I am also a fan of anime – or Japanese Animation. My favorites are Fruits Basket, Gundam Seed, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, Angel Beats, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Hobby – Writing and reading. After that, I enjoy making music videos using footage from shows I love.

(Want to know more? Suggest something and I may add it ❤ )

This blog is for the use of promoting and encouraging literary work and progress as well as finding a space to connect with my readers. Reader response is greatly appreciated, and all comments will be taken seriously and responded to in a timely manner – if they require a response. Thank you for visiting.





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