Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner. The Big 21!

So fun fact about me – I’m turning 21.  Yep. Now you know my age. My young and inexperienced self, yes sir. My coworkers tease me all the time about being the youngest one there, and then I promptly remind them that we have one worker who is six months younger than me.

But yes! The big 21! Jackpot in poker! Legal to vote, smoke, and drink in the wonderful USA. And not a thing feels different.

I’m still worrying over school, still waiting for results about acceptance into my MA program, still dating the same guy I’ve been with for two years, still experiencing neck problems, and still financially dependent. My friends are the same, my school’s the same, my interests haven’t changed. I’m just officially allowed to buy wine and beer.

Well technically this post goes up before the actual date, but this post was closer to my birthday than the 17th’s post.

My big debate in life about turning 21 is that I have no real interest in alcohol. I can barely stand sweet wine. Pina Coladas are about the only alcoholic drink I’ve had more than once… and anytime I’ve had anything to drink, I tend to get sick of it by halfway down the glass. Am I missing something here? Friends tell me I just haven’t found the right alcohol, but I don’t want to waste money on drinks I’m going to hate.

This blog is about as far from a life lesson or moral telling or inspirational as I can get. It is honestly a simple rant about my birthday and what it means.

So for anyone reading with experience – how can you tell what kind of drinks you’ll like? Any recommendations? And how did you feel when you turned 21 (if this applies)?

Ciao tutti!



4 responses to “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner. The Big 21!

  1. Since hitting the big Two-One a couple years ago, I’ve sampled champagne at a wedding (couldn’t stand more than a few sips), beer at an open mic (Miller Lite, maybe? Stopped at sip #2), and some fruity beverage at my old boss’s retirement party that I only finished because I couldn’t detect whatever alcohol was in it.
    But hey, if I’m ever feeling particularly brave and experimental, I can legally go for it! Yeah; so far, the knowledge of freedom’s more fun than acting upon it.
    Happy [early] birthday!!!

  2. Turning 21 doesn’t mean you have to partake in any of the things you don’t want to – be your own self as you’ve always been. Enjoy life, family and friends as you grow and experience all that awaits you.

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