In the Words of…. Grammar Police

Today we’ll handle two grammar faux pas at once.

First of all, something I didn’t think about as a problem and will have to watch to see if I’m perpetrating – When to use “Into” vs “In To”

This extremely quick and helpful article from Writer’s Digest discusses the differences made by the space bar and how to easily remember which version is correct while you write.

Following that, take a peek at how Grammar Police feel about Accepting and Excepting.

This less quick article from Writing Forward gives some helpful tips on keeping the homophones Accept and Except separated in your mind. Their major tip? To Acknowledge is to Accept, and Except is used in Exceptional cases.

…That will definitely make more sense once you’ve read Melissa Donovan’s full explanation.

Be free, my fellow writers! Discover how to avoid these two offenses, and the Grammar Police will steer clear of you that much more.

Ciao Tutti,



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