In the Words of Chris Colfer

“In what grade do we stop believing in ourselves? What grade do we stop believing, period? Someone has to be a Nobel prize winner. Someone has to be a ballerina. Why not us?” – Carson Phillips, Struck by Lightning (written by Chris Colfer)

It’s a valid point made in the small indie film ‘Struck by Lightning.’ Carson spends the entire film trying to make people care about creativity. While he seems to be looking out only for himself and his own future, it’s also true that he spends his life being the only spark of light in a town that has given up. Without him, the school would be filled with nothing but stereotypes with nothing to do.

At what stage in life do children stop wanting to be the president, a fireman, a superhero, a pirate? When do we let their urge for adventure die out? How do we let that desire for greatness get snuffed?

Never let your light grow dim. Never let the fire inside you turn to smoke.

We are stalling, our engines aren’t rolling over, and we can’t move down the road as we are. Call the mechanic! We can all still be great. We all need to strive for our dreams, even the ones we think others will make fun of us for. Ignore the society trying to put out the flames and remember what it was like to be a child. Remember the dreams you had and the fever you had for them. It’s depressing that so many of us have given up hope before we’ve even reached high school.

Keep believing!

Ciao tutti,



2 responses to “In the Words of Chris Colfer

  1. always believe in your dreams

  2. always believe in your dreams – well written

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