Looking to the Past, Stepping into the Future

Well how fast did I epically fail my last New Year Resolution? Keep up a regular posting schedule… ha! Well here’s to the same plan this year.

I’m making a queue on my tumblr so there will, hopefully, always be something going up once or twice a day from me. I have Twitter on my phone, so I’ll see if I can keep up with that now too. And as for blogging, I think my internship this semester will help with that.

This semester I am part of The Florida Review internship, helping to produce a non-profit, national literary journal. At the end of the semester, my name will appear on the masthead of the editions I help create. As part of the class portion of the internship, I have to write a journal each week about what I’ve learned that week from the course and the internship. I plan to use those as at least jumping points for blog posts, because they will apparently be a great inside look at how I grow and what I think of the editing job/business.

Also, this blog has been updated a bit. I used it in a course last semester as proof of my ‘Author site’ and some classmates gave me points on how to improve the site. The ‘About It All’ page now includes my email in case anyone wants to message me privately or ask me a question. The information has been updated. I have a link page to other pages I think you would all enjoy if you’re into the same things as me, and I hope you are. If you have any suggestions for other links to be added, be sure to hit me up in a comment or email!

Here’s to hoping we all have great years ahead of us!

Ciao tutti,



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