Sam Tsui and KickStarter

Some people may be aware that a few months ago I wrote a blog post called “Up and Coming Singer – Sam Tsui” where I tooted the praises of a youtube sensation. Well today, Sam and his producer Kurt Schneider released their third Annual Summer Pop Medley. The medley itself is very good, and the video is fantastic. It’s the first time we’ve seen Sam dance in a group – or really at all.

At the end of the video, Kurt and Sam have a message for the fans. Sam, after releasing two original singles, is releasing a full original album. He has been working very hard on it and continues to do so. Since Kurt and Sam are working on the project totally independent of any major labels, they need some fan help to make the album be as good as it can be. So what did they do?

They started a KickStarter, of course.

The goal of the kickstarter is $30,000, but the boys are happy with whatever support they receive. As the kickstarter video says, the minimum donation is a dollar, but no matter how much you give, they are eternally grateful. Now I don’t like to promote too much, at the risk of sounding like nothing more than a megaphone, but I believe these two deserve all the support they can get.

So listen to me or ignore me, but I had to put the word out there in anyway I could. Thanks so much for reading!

Ciao Tutti,



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