DVR, the Enemy of Advertising?

Modern television viewing has been greatly affected by DVR usage. You can rewind and pause live TV, and you can record all your favorite shows in case you miss them or want to watch them again later. The only time you can fast forward is if you had previously rewound the show or if it is one of the recorded shows.

Many advertising companies fear that increased DVR usage by viewers will negatively impact sales because people can just fast forward over all the commercials. While I can see their point, I’d have to disagree. Personally, I mute the commercials on a normal basis anyway and stare in awe at how 90% of them make no sense without the words. They don’t relate to their product at all without the monologue. With my DVR, if I glance up and see a crazy or interesting commercial and actually care about what it says, I can rewind to find out. The same goes for if I change the channel and catch the end of a good commercial. Sometimes I like using my DVR to rewind and find out what I missed.

I don’t believe DVR usage is what will ruin the advertising industry. If people are going to fast forward through your commercials at record speeds and only come grinding to a halt when their show returns, then they probably weren’t watching your commercials anyway. Like me, they turned off the sound and did other things, like surf the web or go on tumblr or plan a vacation or grade papers, and only unmute the sound when the show comes back on. That or they’re like my brother, who changes channels whenever a commercial comes on. He watches two shows, sort of, flipping between them when commercials take over. When both shows are on commercial breaks at the same time? He continuously flips between the two until one of them stops showing commercials.

Do you think the DVR is an enemy of commercial advertisement? Do you use your DVR just to fast forward through the commercials? Would you be watching the commercials if you didn’t have a DVR?

Ciao Tutti,



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