Breathe Deep. Fly High.

Several years ago, like many of you, I was in eighth grade. I was about to make the transfer into my high school years and decide for sure what I wanted to do with my life. Of course, my plans may have changed two or three times due to circumstances and options, but the idea was to start attempting now.

I moved to a new city. Spent my last year in a new school. The house I now lived in was an old wooden structure that resembled a house attached to a  barn in many ways. My sister and I lived in the barn part while my parents and the rest of the house were in the house part. From my lofty room window, I could see the lake by the house and the expansive open field beyond it. Way off, far across the grass and trees, I could see something every night that made me very curious.

It was a light. A blinking light, to be precise. It hung over the field and flashed brightly. For a year I told people about the light: where it was, how high it was, the color – and for a year no one seemed to be able to tell me what it was. When I was entering my sophomore year in high school, my mother finally heard me and informed me that it was a tower, transmitting a signal and blinking a light so that planes would not fly too low.

Needless to say, she sort of crushed my curiosity.

Until that point, and even after it actually, I would tell my friends that the light was blinking to call to me. It was telling me to come find it. There was a potential adventure where it was. But as I had no way to get to the light without great effort, I never tried to go figure out where or what it was.

With the idea that this light was a radio tower for planes, the thought of an adventure by it faded, but there was a bigger lesson to be had from it. Don’t fly too low. Don’t set your dreams low. Don’t dream low. Keep everything high.

Maybe that blinking light wasn’t a sign for me, but the thought I will now take away from it is definitely a message I will share with others. Stay positive. Believe in adventure. Dream and Do Big.

To quote the Hallmark movie/miniseries Dinotopia:

Breathe Deep. Fly High.

Ciao Tutti,



2 responses to “Breathe Deep. Fly High.

  1. You have a wonderful way with words and I love your imagination. You will always have the flashing light across the field or perhaps across the universe and the city in the clouds at dusk.

  2. Planes, nothing. Brush up on your Morse code, and get ready for a treasure hunt!

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