Time to Get Serious About Writing

I’ve been flakey. I’ve been distracted. I’ve been tuned out and turned off and spun around. I’ve been depressed, but not in a sad way. I’ve been disinterested, is what I’m saying. I need to get a hold on things, get in tune with what I want in life.

I love having a social site presence, but I think it’s time I did it through a professional manner and not my personal one. I think I need a new tumblr – one about me and not just for reblogging all the cute things I love. I think I need to focus on my twitter feed with all the agents and publishers and editors I follow. I believe I need to keep up with this blog so that my style, my voice, and my true opinion and optimism can shine.

What’s standing in my way? Myself. Right now, sitting in my little corner of the new apartment, surrounded by empty and full boxes, all alone while my sister is shopping and my boyfriend is at work, I’m content. I’m happy. I’m ready to go. What will happen when they get home? Distractions. I need to stop focusing on other people and just do what I need to do. I need to stop everything and be more professional.

I’ve lost the joy I once had in reading, and I almost have to force myself to write, but I still love them both. I’m going to start today and reintroduce myself to who I was before I got caught up in what I ‘needed’ to do and instead find out what I ‘want’ to do. Where those two intercept is what is important.

Starting today, I spend a little more of my focus on improving my writing, on keeping up with my professionals, and on actually moving forward.

I’ll stay positive about this until proven otherwise. Help me stay positive, everyone.

Also, does anyone know how to become a book editor?

Ciao tutti!



6 responses to “Time to Get Serious About Writing

  1. I sent you some links on becoming a book editor on Skype – keep up the good thoughts!

  2. I know how you feel. I just started a blog in order to get more serious about my writing. I’d suggust majoring in English at college in order to become an editor. Take lots of grammar and publishing classes 🙂

    • I actually already graduated a college with a major in English. 🙂 So that’s taken care of. However, I’m going back to actually focus on classes that could improve my editing, as you suggested. Thank you.

  3. Stay positive! Get serious! Have fun!
    I have full confidence you can manage all three. (:

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