Living Caffeine Low

Something I’ve been told a lot recently is that I’m picky about food. I like to think I’ll try new things. I just don’t like spicy foods, and I really don’t like fish. The only sea creatures I enjoy are shrimp (except fried because they cool off much too fast and then don’t taste right) and crab (but not with that crappy separated restaurant butter) – at least, that’s been my experience so far. With spices, I get about as far as mild salsa dip. If it’s gonna have any spice, I need a drink to go with it.

What I will admit to being picky about is what I drink.

I don’t mean that I’m like one of the people who only drinks Coke products or only Pepsi products. I mean I don’t drink coffee. I don’t drink tea. I don’t drink wine. I haven’t found anything alcoholic I enjoy besides a strawberry daiquiri. My usual everyday drink choices are water, milk, IBC Root Beer, and sprite (if I’m eating out). Fruit juices aren’t my first choice, but I like orange juice when I’m ill, and I do enjoy apple and orange juice. V8 isn’t bad either. I tend to avoid most soda, although I like a lot of dark sodas – like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, root beer, mr. pibb, etc… I also have no problem with any variant of Sprite. The problem is, I only drink IBC when I’m at home. I only drink Sprite when I go out to eat. I only drink other soda if there’s nothing else available. Water is my main sustenance.

What does all of this mean? It means there is little to no caffeine in my diet. It means when I’m tired, there is no pick-me-up. It means when I realize that for two school semesters I haven’t been able to properly concentrate, and I begin to feel like I may be A.D.H.D., I have nothing to drink to see if caffeine will help me focus.

Luckily, for this week, I am at my mother’s house, and she drinks soda. This gives me options of caffeinated beverages. That is coca cola, mt dew, and tea. As previously stated, I don’t drink tea. I’m not a huge fan of the dew, so I’m drinking cola as I write this. Here’s to hoping a little soda can’t stabilize my mind.

I had hoped the need to keep my blogs up to date would help me focus, but I just tend to forget about them. When I do think about my reviews or this blog, my mind wanders, and I’m suddenly disinterested. I’m finding it hard to concentrate even on the things I really enjoy – like writing or video editing or reading. I bounce around the internet, from one thing to the next, not really stopping to focus on anything because I get bored or my brain decides it’s done putting a lot of thought into what it was doing before.

I was told it may be stress, not A.D.H.D., which could be true. I never feel particularly stressed, unless I’m actually getting myself to focus and someone comes into my space. Not being able to commit to anything is stressful enough. It’s going to drive me crazy.

So these two cans of Coca-Cola are the first step in an attempt to be a more focused person overall.

Have you ever been stuck in a state of disinterest or inability to focus? Did you take medication or did you find other means of solving the problem? Any advice?

So this is part blog update and part excuse for my sometimes sloppy updating.

Thanks for reading!

Ciao tutti,



One response to “Living Caffeine Low

  1. Now that you put it forward, I think stress may indeed cause a similar lack of focus and interest in me. Big, important things looming on my horizon use up a lot of my brain space, and I find it more of a challenge to get anything done. What’s more, feeling unproductive only adds to my levels of stress (’cause I’m kind of a “need to feel productive!” junkie), so that’s rather unhelpful and frustrating.
    Here’s hoping your Coca-Cola works better for you than I suspect it would for me.

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