Up and Coming Singer – Sam Tsui

I have to apologize for the awkward month lapse in blogging. I have been failing at keeping that New Years resolution, huh? Well here’s to trying anew.

This week – I would like to spotlight possibly the most talented new singer I have  yet seen. He’s a youtube singer and does mostly covers of other artists, but he does have a two singles with more in the works.

Sam Tsui is a 23-year-old singer from Pennsylvania whose mother is a music teacher. He grew up loving to sing. He plays the piano fluently while he sings.

While in high school, Sam met his long-term friend, Kurt Hugo Schneider. They began collaborating in the recording of music covers and original songs. As they entered Yale University, they continued to work together. Sam graduated Magna Cum Laude with a major in classical Greek in 2011, and is proficient in the C++ programming language. Kurt graduated Yale in 2010 with a degree in mathematics.

In their videos, Kurt plays the piano (when Sam isn’t), the guitar, the synthesizer, a small but diverse percussion set, and even lends his voice for ‘rap’ segments. He also vocalizes instruments instead of playing them to make interesting A Capella numbers. Mostly the videos consist of Sam singing lead vocals and all backup vocals, brilliantly edited together by Kurt.

Sam recently made his own channel on Youtube for any videos he makes without Kurt, since Kurt now helps other young artists and is busy broadening his reach. They still work together on a regular basis and are good friends.

Of the many, many videos Sam has done, my favorites are his singles Don’t Want an Ending and Start Again as well as his covers Hold It Against Me by Britney Spears, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen, and Just A Dream by Nelly – duet with Christina Grimmie. He also has an awesome mash-up of Love the Way You Lie, Dynamite, and Teenage Dream. To list every video of his I enjoy would mean listing every video he’s made, so I’ll leave just those 6 and let you search out the rest.

It should also be noted that you can support Sam in his musical efforts by purchasing his songs on iTunes.

You can find information on Sam via:




Kurt’s Youtube


Kurt also has a Wikipedia page and a Facebook page.

While this blog is more of one giant promotion of Sam and Kurt, I consider it a win. I mean, what can I do with my blog if not promote someone I believe will be topping the charts and should be making lots of money so he can continue doing what he loves? I want more Sam Tsui in the future, and I hope you do too after sampling some of his work. Sam is one of the creative people in the world striving for his passion and making a name for himself. He’s already been featured on Oprah and Ellen. He’s beginning to live his dreams, and we as creative artists should support that.

One more success story.

Thanks for reading!

(I promise it’s not like you’ve ever heard it before)

Ciao Tutti!



One response to “Up and Coming Singer – Sam Tsui

  1. whatinterestme

    They’re working on an original album now ^-^

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