Why Nobody Likes Movies Anymore


I’ve noticed lately that more and more people seem to be fed up with one issue they find with movies – and it’s something a lot of people seem to have an issue with. I’m sure you have an issue with it too, whoever you are reading this. People talk about it all the time, unless you’re a hermit or someone who doesn’t have many movie watching friends.

I’m talking about advertising. That’s right. I’m talking about Bumblebee being a Camero in ‘Transformers’ and about Adam having an iPhone in ‘No Strings Attached.’ I’m talking about every car in every movie, every phone in every movie, ever restaurant, every television, every game system, every book, every billboard the characters drive by in a wide-angle shot. I’m talking about movies as a place for advertising.

What I’m really talking about it how stupid people sound. It seems to me that as soon as a movie goer can read the name of the brand on anything in a movie, it is automatically one giant commercial. This movie has lost credibility because we all know exactly what kind of car that super cool futuristic Audi R8 is from Ironman. (I had to look that up, just so you know.) Just because a movie needs a car and uses a camero does not automatically make the movie all about that camero or showing it off. In Transformers, there are gratuitous car shots. Why? Not to showcase the cars themselves but because THE MOVIE IS ABOUT TRANSFORMING CARS!

If you ask my opinion, I think the movie makers are the ones behind the ‘commercialization of movies’, not the people with their products in the movies. And I don’t mean that the movie makers want their movies to be commercials, nor do I mean that they purposely shove items in our faces with big ‘BUY THIS’ stickers. No, I mean the movie crew is looking at their scenes and thinking ‘hm… this character needs a cool car’ and ‘hey, I could get extra money for my movie so I can afford better stuff if I promise this German car company that I’ll use their car.’ and poof, Tony Stark has an Audi R8 – which the movie assumes Tony built himself, so it’s not even truly an Audi to the audience (haha, linguistics).

A lot of people feel like movies, big Hollywood movies and independent ones alike, are putting pressure on people to buy stuff with their commercial feel. Well, no offense to those people, but while I liked the look of Bumblebee, I’m not about to run out and purchase a camero. I mean seriously. That’s like saying I’ll go sign up at a bank because Johnny Depp robbed it in Public Enemies or I’ll buy a huge, multi-diamond, million dollar necklace because Nicole Kidman wore one in Moulin Rouge. It just isn’t so. I like my car, my bank, my tiny jewelry, and my phone quite enough to satisfy me, thank you.

When I see Ashton Kutcher whip out his phone and text Natalie Portman ‘where are you?’, I think ‘well he has a nice phone’ and even ‘he is totally smushy-loved up with Emma’, but I don’t think ‘damn, I need to go buy an iPhone.’ So next time you go see a movie, don’t think ‘they’re pushing sales in my face’. Remember that they needed cars and phones and computers for their movie and they just happened to make some money off of it by letting the logo stay on screen. Done. See it and move on.

Now go enjoy a movie, darn you!

Ciao tutti!




2 responses to “Why Nobody Likes Movies Anymore

  1. I agree – I don’t think I’ve ever purchased something because I saw it in a movie or tv show. I have seen someone drink a coke and thought wow wonder how much coke paid to have it in the movie – split second thought and moving on.

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