Life Lesson

These be hard times, my friends.

I have a coughing problem going on right now. I’m loaded with school work and novels to read. However, I’m also happily engaged in a new show to watch (I have three seasons to catch up on before the new season starts). I’m writing creative works. I’m watching great movies. So what’s the biggest worry I have right now?


Yep. Like most Americans, I’m looking ahead to the future and seeing a lack of funding. Graduating this semester means a loss of financial aid. Going to Grad School soon means a bigger need for financial aid. On the chance I don’t get into grad school yet, there’s an even bigger need for finances.

Oh the joys of American living.

I’ve started trying to save more than I used to. I already didn’t go out buying clothes or shoes or nick knacks I didn’t need. My sister and I have cut back on groceries or switched to cheaper brands. The two things I spend money on that I don’t need? Starbucks and movies.

I gave up Starbucks so I could continue going to the movies. Doing the math – I got a $3-$4 drink every other day of the week, if not more. That’s about $20 a week I spent on Starbucks. That’s two movie tickets! So because I love movies more than Starbucks, I dropped the more expensive one.

My sister and I thought about it and realized that if we became really poor, we’d still probably save up money simply to go to the movies. My mother added her two cents in when we told her that. She says that movies/theaters were more popular during the Great Depression than ever before. People went because it was a change from the poverty they were in. It was something to feel happy about. I can relate to that. Movies are beautiful to me. I love to watch them and analyze the characterization and then tell all my friends so we can have long, pointless conversations about the who’s and why’s of it all.

Movies and books make me feel whole. No matter how bad I become economically, I will always have money saving up to spend on those two things. They help people to feel adventurous, brave, loved, scared, terrified, confused and complacent all in the safety of their homes or theaters. You never have to doubt your feelings when you let yourself get sucked into a story.

So the life lesson I cemented for myself was that no matter how bad things get stories, books, movies will always be there to give us an escape and make us feel like heroes.

Read a Book and Enjoy.

Ciao Tutti,



4 responses to “Life Lesson

  1. Movies and books can take you places that you could never go in real life – great life lesson

  2. Esapism: One reason of many to love a good book. (And of course that goes for movies, too.)

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