The Problem with Homework

The first problem with homework is the very term homework. I know it means ‘work you do at home’, but part of me always just wants to call it School Work because that’s really what it is.

Now on to the main issue here. Concentration.

I have an essay due in a few days, and what do I do? I write story notes. I let a friend convince me to read over something they’ve written. I check email and reply to posts. I do anything and everything I do on a normal basis on my computer apart from writing my essay.


Because for some unknown reason, I lose all concentration. I know what my general idea for the essay is and, unlike many of my classmates, I won’t need any outside reading or sources to complete it. I honestly just need to pull 5-7 pages out of my head to complete the essay. Even when the essay requires more in-depth research or reading, I still put it off, though.

I know inside that if I just sit down and start writing that the words will flow and work will be completed and sooner or later I’ll have the paper written and can more on to other things. However, I also understand the amount of time the paper will take and am afraid of hitting that infamous writers block that occurs for academic writers as well as novel writers.

I suppose the point of all this is to say that you shouldn’t be afraid to start new things, even if you’re not entirely sure how they’ll end up. However, I’m still procrastinating that essay by writing this very blog post, so…. I can’t say the lesson has entirely hit home yet. But-! I will get to it. I’m going right now, I swear, so if you’re fiddling around reading this instead of doing your own homework then GO! STOP READING! Go do your homework/classwork and get it over with, like I’m about to do.

And now I contemplate the reasoning behind not naming this post ‘the problem with writing essays’…

Ciao Tutti!



3 responses to “The Problem with Homework

  1. a common problem – I put off billing to look at facebook, check e-mail or play silly games knowing that it will only take a few hours to totally finish my “work” so as you say I will go now and do those things that have to be done before I do the things I want to do.

  2. It’d be easy to blame the internet, but let’s face it — people came up with creative ways to procrastinate long before computers became easily accessible. It’s just us, folks!
    *goes to do things that need doing*

    • Oh definitely. lol. If there was no internet or I didnt have a computer, I’d probably put off school work with reading or video games or writing. No lie. I’d find a way. – good luck not procrastinating.

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