Issues with Advertising

You know what’s been bothering me as I lay in bed with my boyfriend beside me? That old toothpaste commercial – which I couldn’t find to link. It shows two couples. One couple is sleeping with their faces toward one another  and smiling in their slumber. The other couple is faced away from each other and snoring. This position of facing away is attributed to bad breath, and if you switch to this toothpaste, you will sleep better and stop snoring.

An explication of the commercial leads me to say that the commercial is also trying to say that happy couples sleep really close to each other and face each other…. Except that I don’t like facing my boyfriend. I feel enclosed and stiff. I like feeling open and like I can move when I want to. The commercial insinuates that happy couples face each other, which logically means my boyfriend and I aren’t happy, except we are – as far as I’m aware at least.

That’s why the commercial annoys me. I thought of it last night and decided I just had to write a blog about it because the image it puts off can make anyone who doesn’t conform to that image feel like there must be something wrong with them. Maybe they start to doubt their relationships because they don’t like to sleep up against each other. There are different kinds of relationships. Not everyone feels comfortable sleeping the same way. Not everyone loves the same way.

Actually, my mother is a therapist and she has a fantastic book on the subject that she uses with her clients. She even had me and my sister try it out. It’s called The Five Love Languages and is basically a little test to figure out your love style and then a chapter on each of the styles so you understand your own and you know how to treat your significant other based on their style. It was fun. I’m a Words of Affirmation kind of person, just as an example.

Even though that commercial has been on in a while, at least not on the channels I watch, it still bugs me. I figured I should share my thoughts. What do you think? Am I just overreacting? Are there any commercials that get under your skin?

Ciao tutti!



4 responses to “Issues with Advertising

  1. If you overreact to commericals, you’re not alone. I’ve got a character it’s wisest to just not watch TV with, ’cause he can find a way to be offended by pretty much anything. I can see his point maybe 2/5ths of the time.

    One example that comes to mind: A commercial where a woman was shopping for jeans, and instead of having numerical sizes, all the tags had various adjectives like “sassy” or whatever. And then you see the woman eating a bowl of Special K cereal, and we’re told that this product can help you drop up to 2 sizes or something like that — to which my character says, “So, what are we supposed to get from this? That your size doesn’t matter, so long as it’s 2 sizes smaller than you are?”
    A rare instance where my character made more sense than the ad.

    • Ahaha, he’s got a good point there. I’m not usually offended by commercials, but this one popped in my head for some reason after not seeing it for over a year. I once actually wrote a poem based off a really simple cologne commercial. – and I’m like you. I usually only turn the tv on these days to watch Criminal Minds.

  2. TV-wise, I’ve pretty much pared down what I’ll make a point of watching anymore to “Once Upon a Time”. (I heart multi-fairytale spinoffs.)

    This cologne commercial poem of yours — is it available for sharing? ^^

    • I have not yet seen ‘Once Upon A Time’, but I really want to. I love fairy tale remakes, extensions, w/e. Although they have potential to go very, very badly. 😛 And sure. I’ll find it in my recesses and post it up sometime soon.

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