New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions:

First, and most importantly for anyone reading this blog, is that I intend to update much more regularly. No more of this disappearing for two months and making an apology post just to default on it. If this were economics, I’d be losing money and gaining bad credit. I DON’T WANT BAD CREDIT! So I will do better in the future. I also have some ideas lined up for post topics. Whoot!

Second, I want to focus more attention on my school work than I’ve been doing the past few semesters, but I also want to focus more on my creative work. I think I’m going to try making a schedule again, a series of layers to build upon so I can dedicate a good amount of time to anything I do.

Third, I want to get into shape. I’m not fat or anything, but a few pounds is never a bad thing, and I get tired doing small things, so I just need to get in general physical shape. With my boyfriend heading in the direction of becoming a personal trainer, I suppose I should let him practice on me and get me into shape… This means I have to leave my computer once in awhile and go out into that blazing hot and bright thing they call the sun and walk through the buzzing, waving, spore producer called nature. Break out the Benedryll and water. I guess I’m going in.

So that’s my plans for the year. Get a schedule for school work and creative work and blog posting. Get in shape.

What are your resolutions?

Any topic you’d like this blog to cover? Be as vague or specific as you want.

Ciao Tutti!



2 responses to “New Year Resolutions

  1. Looking forward to hearing from you more frequently, Ms. Monaco!

    First resolution on my agenda: Finish the novel I’m writing speedy-quick by the end of January, so I can have it in decent shape to submit to an upcoming contest I’ve got my eye on. (Feel free to start luck-wishing early.)

    And you remind me that I need to get back into my workout routine. I somehow managed to fall off the wagon, toward the end of the year. Recommitment time!

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