Lost Time – Mania Monday, oops

WOW! I sort of dropped off the map didn’t I? I must apologize for my horrid job of keeping up my posting schedule recently. I was set for October, but November seems to have thrown me around, and then it was finals week. I’m sorry.

This past month was NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. I was behind from the start and caught up once or twice, but in the end I didn’t quite make it. I was about 6,000 words shy of the count. You know what I think of that? I think that makes me a 44k winner. Do you understand how amazing that is? Around work and school and life I wrote over 40,000 words toward a novel! That’s amazing!

Which is sort of me telling all of you who didn’t make it alongside me that it is totally fine to not get the winner goodies. Life moves on and there’s always next year… or Script Frenzy… or NaNo Summer Camp, if they do it again. Or your own schedule too. That’s even better.

Now it’s finals time for lots of people. Mine are done, but some of my friends are just starting. Good luck to everyone who’s crunching for school! Always think positive and don’t stress yourself out. My sister got a friend of hers to pass a math class powered only on positiveness and happy thoughts – so think like Peter Pan. Happy thoughts to lift you into the air! Or like Disney’s Peter Pan. It’s just faith, trust, and… well if you can find pixie dust, extra points for you.

A better post is yet to come this week!

Until then, Ciao Tutti!



One response to “Lost Time – Mania Monday, oops

  1. Good to see you again, stranger. Congrats on your 44K!

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