Potential on the Book Front

A friend of mine is well into working her way into the life of an editor. She’s finding internships and networking with people and showing her work ethic and skills. Her name is Rebecca Grace, and I met her in a basic creative writing class in which we both felt our talents were being held back by a limited range of possible subjects. In that class we had three Rebeccas, including me. I was called Rebecca. Rebecca Grace was called Becca. and Rebecca Carter was called Carter. We also had two Pauls. Crazy world and interesting class.

Becca became an intern at The Florida Review, a bi-annual literary journal, where she is starting her trek to becoming a full-time professional editor. From personal experience, I know she can be rather stingy, but she knows when something has potential and she knows when things are good, even if they aren’t in her preferred categories of stories. For my next book, she told me she’d give me a great discount on editing services since we’re friends, and by then we should both have improved our skills because that one isn’t moving as fast as I’d like due to school priorities.

It turns out that The Florida Review is holding a writer’s conference next February, and Becca mentioned me and my book to her boss. Her boss seems genuinely interested, and Becca plans to bring me up again to see if she can convince her boss to get me into the conference as an author. I would receive a table where I could set up books and meet potential readers. It would be free since I’d be one of their signed up authors. Beyond the fact that it would cost me a great deal to get the amount of books I’d like for such an event, it would be a huge step toward marketing my book to a wider audience. In other words, I hope the plan goes through.

Becca also says she’s going to see about getting me some advertising through her job as well. At the rate she’s going, she’ll make a great agent as well as an editor. She’s doing me a ton of favors and work I hope she’ll one day get recognition for outside of just this simple blog with only two subscribers. But for now, this is a great opportunity for me, so I’m going to use it to the best of my ability. I’ll post more about it later if it looks like it’ll happen.

Ciao tutti!



One response to “Potential on the Book Front

  1. Having connections is awesome, and having friends is boss, and having helpful connective friends is pretty much the dream. Best of luck to the both of you!

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