Month 3 – Self Publishing

Being published is a road of constant entertainment. I may be self-published, and my sales may be a measly 8 books, but I still have fun every week when it comes to being published.

The first month, six books were purchased. Five were by family and friends. One was by a stranger online who alerted me to a rather large typo near the end and then professed the book to be one of her favorite books. I count this as a HUGE win… including the typo bit. Month two, one book was purchased… by a family member. I bought four copies of my book. One was given to a good friend of mine, who happens to be an employee in the young adult department at the Bartow Public Library. After distracting her from work for a good twenty minutes, she held the book close and claimed she would claim the chance to be the first to read it once it was on the shelves. The other three books were for my Goodreads Giveaway – which ended on the 30th of September.

The books have gone out but wont arrive at their destinations for at least a week – sad as the mail service is. Le sigh. But in the meantime, a new friend of mine found the book fascinating and decided he wanted to borrow it, read it religiously, and then probably purchase his own copy. More power to him! Part of me thinks he’d prefer the typo’d copy of mine. He thought it was fantastic. The very next day, I’m at work and a girl comes in and wants to interview me about my college experience for one of her classes. We discuss my major in Literature and she asks if I write creatively. I calmly reply that I in fact most definitely do and mention as a side note that I’ve self-published. As I try to continue about my Literature degree, she stops me and very quickly copies down the name of the book and where to buy it because she’d suddenly extremely interested.

Somehow I managed to market my book to two random people in two days, and the conversations surrounding the book talk are enough to make me smile when I think on them. Now I have to wait for the giveaway books to reach their new owners, hope those readers are generous and leave me reviews, and then see what kind of reaction I get from the 1107 people who didn’t win and the 209 people with The Rose Chateau on their to-read lists on GoodReads.

Hopefully soon I’ll have bookmarks to put around campus and flyers to hang on the backs of toilet stall doors like those poor women who desperately need a new roommate.  In the world of marketing, no time can be wasted. Everyday of self-publishing is interesting. I can’t wait for the publishing house adventure.

Ciao tutti!



One response to “Month 3 – Self Publishing

  1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the ride. Ever onward! (Lol, plug unintended.)

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