A Few Amazing Things

Well, I can certainly say 2 things. 1, sorry for no blog last Friday. I dont know what happened. Oh wait. Yes I do. School and work. ha! They never fail to always slow down anything else in life. Actually, I’m currently supposed to be writing a paper, but that can wait five minutes. 2, this had been a rather amazing week. Oh, let me count the ways, in proper Browning word (sort of).

To start it off, my mother began to read

My book, a feat I thought would never succeed.

And next is the GoodReads giveaway

where 800+ requests have me in sway;

Not to mention the news of a great Christmas end

with family and famous Falls and a road trip in the bend.

Also Amazon treated me to one amazing present,

my only September sale – finally a dent

in the money I’ve spent on this project of mine.

Then there’s also the chance for this blog to shine.

My only known reader, deshipley, left me floored

For I was surprised with the Liebster Award!

How could one week get any better?

A sudden accepting publisher’s letter.

That’ll happen, some day, you’ll see.

Until then, goodbye! Ciao Tutti!


P.s. I actually don’t have 5 people to put up for the Liebster (Most of the blogs I follow have 1k subscribers or so)- but I’m holding onto the image and the rules and will post a blog about it as soon as I have someone to award it to. 🙂


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