Closing Thoughts – Internet Fail

You know what’s really annoying? The internet. You know why? Cause it fails. Undoubtedly, no matter how quick your connection or how many megahertz or gigs of RAM or memory or any piece of technological candy you have, your internet has died on you. And if it hasn’t died on you, it lags.

You can schedule to run scans and keep up to date on updates and sweep the crevices for dust and blow out the fan all the time and you know what? It’ll still happen.

The internet has ads about programs to boost security or give the best speed or have the best audio and video programs. The internet says it can give you a link to a program that will ‘make your computer run like new’ even if you’ve only had it for a few months. The router you get is a standard connection, or a lightning connection, or maybe even a HOT DAMN connection, but it’s still not going to boost the performance of anything. True, things may happen faster for you, but things will still break down, glitch, lag, jump, fritz, race, gag, and generally throw up on you from time to time.

I could rant forever about how annoying this simple fact it, but another simple fact is that no amount of ranting will ever make it stop. There will never be an end to glitches in programs and signals. We must all simply  learn to accept this fact and move on. So take a deep breath, slow your pulse, and until whatever you were trying to do finally works – here’s my advice – write something.

What? It always makes me feel better.

Ciao tutti!



One response to “Closing Thoughts – Internet Fail

  1. Not to sound like a creepy spammer, Rebecca, but there is a lovely, good news surprise for you over at my blog. Congratulations in advance. 😀

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