In the Words of Dan Goodwin

This one from the mouth of a man behind a camera.

It’s only by becoming obsessed that we can narrow our focus with enough razor precision to block out the noise and the chaos and the distraction, reach in deep, and finally create the work we’re here for.

If we wait in hope for our lens to automatically adjust, find the inspiration and do the work for us, it will be a vain hope.

We must be brave, seek, aim and strike with confidence and conviction, committing to every shot as if it’s the last shot we’ll ever take.

So, where’s your aim been pointed lately?


Truer words have no been spoken… well, at least not in this way. Let’s not be too grand about this. We’ve all heard something similar to this – possibly even in just the Wisdom Wednesdays I’ve put up.  I like Goodwin’s blurb about this subject a lot, though. Why?

When people try to describe creating art from words and hard work, we usually all say something about imagination and fighting and flowery language that undoubtedly inspires as much as it tells the truth of the matter. The image of a camera and being a photographer greatly simplifies the life of any artist. We need to block out everything, close out the world and the wonder and just look through the camera. Focus your attention, adjust the lens, make sure it’s clean of dirt, angle the view and snap the photo.

You can apply this idea to any field of study or art. Any person in the entire world who has a passion for any sport, art, business, or interest can understand the amazing anecdote of Goodwin’s. We all just need to be photographers in our own designated fields. Just cover up the world with the body of the camera, look through the lens at your target, and don’t take your eyes off it until the job is done.

The only thing I can think now is…. Photographers have it the easiest – they’re already photographers in their fields. Sneaky shortcut.

Ciao tutti,



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