What Happens in Summer Tries to Carry On During Fall

Well, that would be the best end, at least. Summer was great. I’ll miss it terribly… well maybe not terribly. I had a beautiful trip to Italy, which I may blog about later. I learned to dance, and I learned about the English Renaissance… sort of. Then there was a two week period of hanging out with my family and boyfriend.

I love my family. I love my boyfriend. I love that house, that town, those people. I love the time I have off to spend with everything about that place. However, let me make this clear. I get little to no work done during breaks.

Break = vacations = family time = friend time = no down time. As someone once said, everyone needs a vacation from their vacation. When school starts up, I have classes for the better part of three days of the week. I work all day the other two. Weekends will be spent mostly with my mother or having some form of a social life. The time after classes and work is known as ‘me time.’

Me Time is for two things. 1, homework. I have several books to read. Being a Literature Major guarantees that. I have dozens of papers and responses to write. I have four projects over the semester to create with people I don’t know. 2, relaxation. I can play games. I can make music videos. I can, above all, write. I can write a fanfic. I can write a story. I can write a poem. I can write a random line that comes to my head, and I can craft something around it.

Me Time is special because it’s me, alone, in my apartment. My sister is across the house, doing her own thing. I am alone. I can do what I want, when I want, and I wont be interrupted. There will be no one sitting in the living room needing my attention. There are no time lines prickling the back of my mind, trying to distract me from what makes me happy. This is Me Time. This is fun and relaxing and simple.

If the Me Time I had during the summer semester could continue into the fall and spring semesters, I would be a happy kitten. Alas, I have twice as many classes and four times as much work to do. Now is time to hunker down, do the work, and get the grade. Now is the time to rework my sleep pattern from waking up at 9 or 10 am to waking up at 6 or 7. Now begins a semester of wondering ‘Why?’ and answering ‘Because I can. Because I am able. Because I will end up better on the other side.’

Me Time is in the evenings. This time is school time, but it is also my time. I will pass my classes, and I will fit Me Time into my schedule so I don’t explode from the pressure, so that I accomplish my dreams, and so I feel productive and successful.

What do you do during your ‘Me Time’ and how do you fit it into your schedule?


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