In the Words of Jeremy Jahns

The last two Witty Wednesdays were inspirational words from two well known literary figures in the modern world: Neil Gaiman, known for his wide variety of stories and his original writing style, and Gail Carson Levine, known for her fairytale remakes and writing help books.

This time, however, I’m switching it up. This week I’m focusing on Youtube Movie and Game  Reviewer – Jeremy Jahns. I like Jeremy because he tells it how it is. If he straight up hated a movie, you’re going to know. If he thought a movie was amazing, you’ll definitely know. Jeremy also tends to like and love a lot of the movies that I enjoy watching that a lot of big wig critics didn’t. In this way, Jeremy is a real life, regular viewer who can recognize a movie for what makes a movie good. On that same note, however, he also knows what makes a movie good for ‘turning off your brain and just watching it for the mindless explosions.’

Jeremy is a witty source of reliable knowledge. He’s believable, trustworthy, and fun to listen to. If a new movie is coming out that you’re not entirely sure about, don’t see it opening weekend. Wait a day or so and see if Jeremy reviews it. Odds are that his review will give you a well rounded idea of whether the movie is worth the money or not.

And the best part? Jeremy hates spoilers, so he does his best to avoid them at all costs. This is part of why his reviews are so well done. He’s focusing on the aspects of the movie, not on the spoilers. He can tell you if a movie is good without needing to ruin it for you. Jeremy is officially one of my favorite people in the world of movies.

Jeremy’s movie reviews got a rating scale. From worst to best:


So BAD it might be FUN…. if you’re drunk.

You’d like it if you knew your friends would never find out.

It’s okay… but you’re not gonna remember it in T-Minus 13 hours.

Worth watching – no alcohol required.

I’d even buy this on Blu-ray.


A lot of movies Jeremy reviews get the ‘no alcohol required’ or ‘even on blu-ray’ rating. A couple get Awesometacular or Dogshit. And a few dot the other three.

And one of the best things about Jeremy is that even if you disagree with him, he’s still entertaining and witty. He’s fun to watch, he’s logical, and he’s credible. Jeremy writes articles about movies and the entertainment world when he’s not reviewing. He also guest spots on to do cross reviews of movies.  If youtube isn’t really your thing, so you don’t have an account and really can’t follow Jeremy there, I have possibly good news! You can also follow him on Twitter. I’m sure he keeps his fans updated there as well.

So this Witty Wednesday is dedicated to a man I hope continues to review movies for a long time. And if he ever starts getting paid for it, I hope he stays true to his style and his beliefs and never lies to us – the viewers. He’s awesometacular the way he is. Check him out. ❤

Ciao tutti,



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