Thoughts on the Agent/Publisher Route – Illustrators

It occurred to me that as a self-publishing newbie, I should have kick-butt epic awesomeness on my promotional propaganda. The current cover of my book was a semi-generated one from My friend was meant to make me one, but do to time-constraints and her back suddenly giving out on her, this didn’t happen. That’s alright. I like the cover I made.

That’s when I thought ‘aha! I can just get someone awesome as my artist for next time!’ And so I went onto and found one of my favorite artists of all time Haiiro-no-tenshi and spent a good while staring at her beautiful works. Then another thought occurred to me. My next book will be through an agent and publisher. They may not let me commission just any artist. Which is a pity, because Haiiro is brilliant. I love the angles to the faces, the strength in their necks, the reality of their clothing and positioning, and I cannot move past the brilliance of her emotions.

I have been following Haiiro on deviantart for some time, and I still cannot get enough of her work. I would also consider woshibbdou as a backup. Keep it up, you brilliant artist.

But now I’m truly curious. Does the author get to choose the artist? And if they do, is it limited to people already in the business? And does that decision rest with the agent or the publisher? @_@ Oh dear.

Ciao tutti,



One response to “Thoughts on the Agent/Publisher Route – Illustrators

  1. I would think that as the writer you would get to pick your own illustrator but that may be reserved for famous more powerful authors. All you can do is hope that you get to pick your own so that you can promote the artists that inspire you.

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