In the Words of Gail Carson Levine

The following lines were stolen from a NaNoWriMo peptalk from 2009.

“…with all the earnestness I can command, here is the only important piece of advice, which is crucial for any speed of writing, any kind of writing: Do not beat up on yourself. Do not criticize your writing as lousy, inadequate, stupid, or any of the evil epithets that you are used to heaping on yourself. Such self-bashing is never useful. If you indulge in it, your writing doesn’t stand a chance. So when your mind turns on you, turn it back, stamp it down, shut it up, and keep writing.

Good luck!

Gail Carson Levine”

Gail is one of my favorite authors, introduced to me by my sister, and she put this all very nicely.

Too often, people tell themselves they can’t do it. This doesn’t simply apply to NaNoWriMo. It doesn’t even just apply to writers. Who said you should stop doing what you love simply because it isn’t perfect? The point of becoming better at anything is to keep at it, practice, and then dominate with the amazing and respectable skills you have mastered. No one ever starts out as awesome. “So when your mind turns on you… shut it up.” The only one stopping you from being fabulous is you. Keep at it, and love every minute of it.

Ciao tutti,



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