What You Learn From Novel Research

While it may be counterproductive for some people and possibly not interesting to you, I must start this update with an announcement and sound ever so slightly like a car salesman. It is my great and amazing pleasure to announce that my first novel is available to buy from CreateSpace! Just follow that link. It’s called The Rose Chateau: A Tale of Beauty Meets Beast. Book properties are available there, but here is the summary:

Corinna Faune was just a farmer’s daughter, whose only regal connection was her runaway duke best friend, Alastar. But when her uncle returns home from the neighboring village with a horror tale and one glimmering rose, her entire life is interrupted. Now she’s the unwilling guest of a bad-tempered prince, who found himself at the wrong end of a witch’s curse. Her once normal life is now surrounded by magic with not one, not two, but three conniving witches involved, and none of their allegiances are clear. Can Corinna find the solution to the prince’s curse and return to her loved ones before they forget her? Can she break the spell before it becomes the end of an entire kingdom? And surrounded by unfamiliar faces and secrets, who can she trust to help her through it?

I’ll be posting an excerpt from the book later on today at about 3 for any interested parties who want to get a glimpse of the style before thinking of purchasing. I am very excited to see my novel go up to sell. I put a lot of effort into this one, and the feedback I’ve received has been so unbelievably good. I hope you like it as well – should you chose to purchase a copy.

Sort of on the same subject, I thought I’d talk about some things I found while writing this one. First of all, flowers. I’m not gardener, but I was recently planning to plant some flowers outside of my apartment to give it some pizzazz, and reading up on soil needs was surprising. Mind you, I was researching how to care for roses, but the fact remains that I learned something new. Raising beautiful plants, bushes and trees and flowers, can be hard. They need specific soil types, a monitored amount of fertilizer and water. The types of fertilizer are so diverse, and some are specifically for certain types of plants. I may be biased from my own childhood, but I still believe that one of the best fertilizers for a plant is a banana peel. My family used to toss our used peels out into the planter in front of our house, and I only remember good things happening.

Also, geography. My sister read TRC, in which none of the places mentioned are factual. She was near the end of the book when she suddenly stopped and said ‘Rebecca, I just realized something. You keep saying Alastar has an Irish accent, but you never mention Ireland.’ To which I replied with this explanation: Alastar is from the kingdom of Cavalleres. This kingdom resides past the north-western border of Paesaggia (the main kingdom in the book – based loosely on the word Pastoral). So if Alastar has an Irish accent and lives in the north-west, then we must assume the north-west is Ireland, or at least a part of it or close by. Also through this logic, Paesaggia must logically reside in the lower section of the United Kingdom – ex. England or Wales.  Since I don’t know much of Wales, I’ll stick with England as the assumption. This sudden importance to locate my story, especially for my sister, caused me to look up this amusing but informative video made by C.G.P. Grey, which explains not only the difference between the UK, England, and Great Britain, but also between Ireland and Northern Ireland, the relations between the areas, and then sort of spans out to wrap in all of the Commonwealth and Crown Dependent areas. The speed of the discussion plus the off-hand comments of the narrator made me enjoy learning about the British Isles quite a lot more than I ever did in school – and I understood it more… maybe thanks to the pretty and simple visuals.

This just goes to show bits of what you can learn when you do research for a novel. So if that wasn’t too much ranting, I hope you have a great day.



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