In the Words of Neil Gaiman

So  last Saturday, I was hanging on Twitter for 2 or 3 hours, testing the waters and seeing how to actually use it, and I found a Q&A session #askYAed. A link was given to the blog of Jennifer Laughran (Click Me! I’m Fun!) where I found this amazing little tidbit from the mind of Neil Gaiman.

This is in response to a fan who is pissed that George R.R. Martin is blogging about things rather than being hard at work on the next book in his series, and WHY should GRRM be doing anything other than creating the thing that this reader wants? Neil says, in part:

“You don’t choose what will work. You simply do the best you can each time. And you try to do what you can to increase the likelihood that good art will be created.And sometimes, and it’s as true of authors as it is of readers, you have a life. People in your world get sick or die. You fall in love, or out of love. You move house. Your aunt comes to stay. You agreed to give a talk half-way around the world five years ago, and suddenly you realise that that talk is due now. Your last book comes out and the critics vociferously hated it and now you simply don’t feel like writing another. Your cat learns to levitate and the matter must be properly documented and investigated. There are deer in the apple orchard. A thunderstorm fries your hard disk and fries the backup drive as well…

And life is a good thing for a writer. It’s where we get our raw material, for a start. We quite like to stop and watch it.”

And I happen to think these are some of the best excuses for not writing ever. Ha! Just thought I’d share.


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