Potentially Important Message of Welcoming


At 3:22 am, every decent person knows that they should either be sleeping or have some insanely good reason for staying up – such as a sleep disorder or extremely entertaining company. I, sadly, have neither. I simply have not been able to properly regulate my sleep schedule these last four days. Excitement over my book being available for purchasing (Click Me! I’m Fun!) might be part of the issue. My increasing muscle problems may be another. Luckily, those will be rectified tomorrow.

So in lieu of much-needed sleep for an in-depth discussion of Sir Phillip Sidney’s Astrophil and Stella, I am up in my room reading my boyfriend’s Japanese Manga and staring blandly at a silent Twitter feed.

That’s when I decided to make some positive and productive use of my time and write up my first official post on this odd new blog site of mine. I’m still not totally sure what I’m doing, but I’ll work out the bugs as I go. This is far my detailed than my old LiveJournal.

Long story short (too late!), this whole blabber of mine is to say WELCOME to my new officially book blog on WordPress.com. The hope is that every Friday I will be able to update about where I am in my current literary escapades: from what new titles I’m working on to asking for advice and opinions about characters and possible pitches to keeping you all updated on the status of my finished works – when they get picked up, by who, where to buy and for how much. This is also an outlet for my undying gratitude to every reader who has ever looked at something I’ve written and read it all the way to the end – even those who never told me they existed.

I know today is Monday, but as I said, I was trying to be productive and I’m still working out the specifics of WordPress. I’ll be updating on Friday as well. For now, it’s time to post, possibly edit, and then try to sink into my pillow again. If it doesn’t work, I may not be sleeping tonight (It is now 3:36). Bummer.

Goodnight all!



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